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Direct Questions to the Admirals

Posted on Mon Jun 3rd, 2013 @ 7:52pm by Rear Admiral Colton Holden

Cross posted News Item from Vice Admiral Neniphim:

Greetings my wonderful fleet.

First I would like to say Good Job everyone, the writing I have been able to read has been superb, and drives me to new heights with my own writing. Thank you. Now on to a semi serious matter. There will be jokes for anyone who cares.

Recently I've been getting a ton of emails (which doesn't surprise me, I have five active accounts and one is work related) but some of them have been from the fleet. Now most of these are posts, or news items, or saved mission posts, some are even single posts. So I read when I can, and I laugh, get idea's and go back to my two jobs and waiting for my daughter to be born. Here recently not all of them have been posts. Some have been questions directly to me.

Hey, I guess I'm just that popular an Admiral. Or my COS has been sending them my way... But I keep going off topic.

I am adding a way for you guys to talk to us when you're emailing us. This is so, when I wake up and read an email I'm not looking at it for twenty minutes to try and find out if I'm reading something from a friend, or if I'm reading something from work, because at the time in which I wake up, it all just blends together.

In the header of the email, or subject what ever you want to call it.

Subject: Juno Fleet (Add ship here)

This lets us know that 1) you're from our fleet, and 2) what ship we have to go work on. Trust me, it makes everyone's life easier.

In the main body of the email You can add anything you'd like, from award requests, to moving requests, to anything. But we need a bit of body to go off of. Getting this email

"When am I going to be heard back from"

Kinda of makes me wonder what you're talking about. Or this one is my newest favorite.

"Yea, I have sergeants rank on my character, but someone called me a corporal, which on is it?"

Ok, can any one else see where the early morning confusion might come from? Good. Now In the main body of the email, at the end, I'd like you to sign with your characters name. If there's a question about rank, then forget the rank, but this allows me to quickly get to the bottom of the issue. Looking for Player Tommy Bahama, when I don't know what character, what ship, or if I'm even there. This is to make sure everyone's life is easier while we're posting and it stays fun.

Because if it's fun for you guys, its fun for us too.

Vice Admiral Micheal Neniphim
Deputy Commander in Chief


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