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The Reboot

Posted on Thu Jan 8th, 2015 @ 7:44am by Fleet Admiral Alexander DeScott

As of Friday January 9th at 7pm EST Juno Fleet will go down for extended maintenance. It will reopen on January 10th.

ANY accounts that have more than 3 months without logging in will be DELETED and all characters affiliated with them will be moved to the inactive roster. We will also be running updates and archiving information. When Juno Fleet comes back online a lot will change.

For members with fleet email addresses, we are changing how they're going to be laid out, so contact me for new information at as soon as possible.

WHEN WE RESTART: please be sure to move your bio's forward by 3 years and update information accordingly, contact your immediate CO for any promotion you feel is necessary. ALSO NOTE our Mainsite, is now running! Stop by and sign up (fill out an application) and you will be placed properly.

We will be hosting 5 sites after this overhaul: The Mainsite, Anchorage, USS Enterprise, USS Diablos, and the Juno Fleet Academy. Once we've worked out all the bugs we'll start looking into adding new sites again.

Thank you all for your perseverance and activity over the past few years. We're hoping that this overhaul will help us continue on for the next decade.

Juno Fleet


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