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Commander John Koenig

Name John Koenig

Position Director of Juno Fleet Security

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Centaurian
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Large, Well Built


Sister(s) LT Rosie Koenig

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sometimes can be found at a gym working out, can make people work extremly hard to their tollerence levels, and never that keen on working with different Starfleet groups.
Strengths & Weaknesses Can sometimes be stressed but only when people don't act accordingly to his instructions, can sometimes take an opportunity or instruction and make it his own, and can sometimes see something and try and make it more efficient and perform better.
Hobbies & Interests Football, F-1, computers, dry stone walling, upgrading things so they run or perform faster and more efficiently.

Personal History Koenig's father was alive until he went to Starfleet Academy when one fateful night his mom sent a letter saying his father was killed when his ship exploded from a warp core meltdown. Koenig was afraid that it would happen to him.

Koenig mother attempted to stop him from doing what his father had done and insisted that he enlist in medical but John felt that only women enlisted in medical and counselling and boys took command of ships and become marines. She told him to never speak of that again.
Service Record 2351-2352 General Studies Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2352-2353 Marine Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2353-2354 Marine Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2354-2355 Marine Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2355-2356 (G-2LT) Marine Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2356-2358 (G-1LT) Platoon Executive Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2358-2359 (G-MCapt) Platoon Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2359-2360 (G-MCapt) Company Executive Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2360-2361 (G-Maj) Company Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2361-2362 (G-Maj) Battalion Executive Officer, Starbase Pegasus
Awarded Unit Citation
2362-2363 (G-LTCol) Battalion Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2363-2364 (G-LTCol) Regiment Executive Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2364-2365 (G-Col) Regiment Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
Awarded Unit Citation and Marksmanship Ribbon
2365-2366 (G-Col) Executive Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2366-2367 (R-RX) Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2367-2368 (R-RXX) Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
Awarded Tour of Duty: Deep Space Ribbon
2368-2369 (R-RXXX) Commanding Officer, Starbase Pegasus
2369-2370 (G-LTCol) Commanding Officer, USS Pegasus NCC-53847-A
2370-2371 (G-LTCol) Commanding Officer, USS Dauntless NCC-71214
2371-2372 (G-LTCol) Commanding Officer, USS Pelagic NCC-82185
2372-2373 (G-LTCol) Leave of Absence
2373-2375 (G-LTCol) Commanding Officer, USS Sovereign NCC-75000-B
Awarded Starfleet Medal of Valor and Star Cross
2375-2377 (G-LTCol) Battalion Commanding Officer, USS Guardian NCC-26244
2377-2379 (G-1LT) Platoon Commanding Officer, USS Freedom NCC-1979-F
Awarded Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon with Cluster
2379-2381 (G-1LT) Battalion Commanding Officer, USS New Jersey NCC-79694
2381-2383 (G-MCapt) Marine Commanding Officer, USS New Jersey NCC-79694
2383-2384 (Y-1LT) Chief Deck Department Officer, USS Lafayette NCC-63441-A
Awarded Legion of Honor and Starfleet Medal of Honor
2384-2385 (Y-LTjg) Chief Engineering Officer , USS Searcher NCC-78549-B
2385-2386 (Y-LTjg) Chief Engineering Officer , USS Searcher NCC-78549-B
2386-2387 (Y-LT) Cheif Security/Tactical Officer , USS Farscape NCC-78525-C
Awarded Star Cross
2387-2388 (Y-LTjg) Chief Engineering Officer , USS Farscape NCC-78525-D
2388-2389 (R-LTcmdr) Cheif Flight Control Officer , USS Michael NCC-78452
Awarded Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
2388-2389 (R-LTcmdr) XO, USS Rockhampton NCC-93342